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Hello, I’m Wendy, and I started Travel the Parks to document our journeys to the different National Parks across the country. We began sharing our vacations with family and friends. We have expanded it to cover all national park units, state parks, and other destinations we’ve visited. On our website, we post our travels, tips, and itineraries from all the parks we visit. We also share our love of fishing rivers, lakes and streams. We hope to travel throughout the year now that we have a travel trailer. Every National Park unit sign serves as our signature in a picture. Because of the blog, I hope to make trip planning easier for others.     

Moose and Me-Alaska
Moose Johnson Lake-Alaska

Nature and exploring the outdoors are two of our favorite things! The quiet is what I love the most, whether I am fishing, hiking, or just watching the sunrise. Whether it’s a national park, monument, or state park, we are always eager to discover new adventures. Our bucketlist is to travel to all the National Park Units. Sharing our itineraries and escapades is what we do. We created the blog TraveltheParks with this philosophy in mind. We have had some fantastic journeys into the national parks, monuments and state or park units. Alaska is magnificent, and we have been to it a few times. Our other travels into Canada and other states we have also shared to help you on your adventure.

As a retired middle school teacher, I always look at the parks from the perspective of what can I learn and what could I take back to my students if I was still teaching. I would like to think that during my years I have instilled in them a love of the outdoors and nature.

“Travel the road less taken, breathe, let nature give you peace of mind”


Why We Travel and Fish

We love fishing on our trips to the different states and parks, and it is an integral part when planning our visits. Although my husband and I fish competitively in bass tournaments, in the parks we try our hand at fly-fishing and making it an adventure. Trout are our main target species, as Florida does not have any trout. I have included equipment tips whenever possible in the blog.

Madison River - Brown Trout - about Travel the Parks
Madison River – Brown Trout

Activities in the parks are many. We have only sampled a few of these. We hope the information presented is helpful for planning your visit to the National Parks or other destinations. Our favorite is Alaska. Truly a beautiful state.

Want to follow along on social media? You can find those here! Follow along on all of them. We love sharing our trips through the TraveltheParks blog. It is constantly developing as I learn to manage and understand blogging. If you find the information helpful, please pass along to a friend so we can keep growing. Dropping a comment is always helpful, too.

This site contains affiliate links, meaning if you purchase something through one of these links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you! However, this blog was not created as a moneymaking venture. No annoying pop-up ads here. We simply want to give helpful information for travellers to use in planning their next adventures. Read the full disclosure policy here.

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