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Fly Fishing Destinations

Fly fishing, or for that matter any type of fishing, is an integral part of the planning when determining our travel destinations, as it has inspired a lifelong love of fishing. Whether within the National parks or outside rivers/lakes, our passion is fishing. Although we are a novice fly anglers, we prefer using flies when fishing for trout. Often we hire a professional guide whose knowledge of the water can get us on fish quickly. Guides teach you how to read the water, what flies/nymphs to use, suggestions on casting technique and fish behavior that is necessary to produce consistent results on trout.

We easily accessed many of the rivers we fish with waders and wade boots. Occasionally, we opt for float fishing to access better fishing in deeper rivers and lakes. Many of the rivers we fish are freestone that depend on snowmelt or rain to be free flowing cold trout waters.

Everglades Angler Fishing the Canals

Why We Fly Fish?

Getting off the beaten path away from crowds, we have found solitude. The best opportunities to glimpse wildlife surprisingly happen while you are quietly fishing a section of river. We have been lucky to see deer, bears, elk, and many migratory birds while on our trips.

Mastering the art of fly casting is the first basic step to becoming a fly fisher. It takes time and practice. Whether you’re a first-time fisher or a seasoned angler, fly-fishing at any destination or national park can be a rewarding experience. Protection Status