Creating your packing list for your dream Alaskan RV Vacation will require careful planning and packing. Weather can be so variable from location to location at any time of the year. Remember, in Alaska it can snow in July. Therefore, it is imperative that you pack for all seasons when planning your itinerary.

Camping in your RV can be an amazing adventure. We brought the essentials prior to our arrival in Alaska. However, before leaving Anchorage or Fairbanks, most supplies can be purchased at the local Fred Meyer.

PACKING LIST–RV VACATION needs to include everything for the week or more that you are using the RV.


The first purchase we recommend for any Alaska getaway is the milepost magazine. The Milepost is the best-selling extensive guide book covering Alaska, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and British Columbia. The Milepost highlights all the points of interest mile-by-mile along your route. It has saved us a few times finding gas stations or wayside areas to rest. When we travelled by RV, it helped us find the perfect wayside for lunch stops and campground insights.

Packing for Your RV Trip
Packing for Your RV Trip


Purchasing travel organizers to compartmentalize similar size items and provide optimum utilization of interior luggage space. Clothes stay neat and tidy in their own small drawers and will not shift in transit. These transfer to the RV easily as well.

Gold Cord Trailhead

We often overlook a quality collapsible trekking stick on packing lists, but they’re actually extremely handy for hiking the variable terrain in Alaska.

shows legs in hiking boots

You really should have good walking or hiking shoes on the trails. Purchasing hiking shoes that are lightweight and quick drying will keep you prepared for any weather event.

OlarHike Hydration Backpack Pack: A good backpack with a water bladder for hiking can ensure you stay hydrated on the trail. The backpack has additional storage for phones and other items. Also of note is the ability to freeze water in the bladder prior to going out on a sweltering day. 

A quality bug spray is an essential element. The mosquitoes in Alaska are relentless. Often referred to as Alaska’s National bird, a quality bug spray is necessary. A mosquito head net hat can be helpful for those that find the pesky critters annoying.

Bear Spray–You can rent bear spray in Yellowstone, but is more expensive than just purchasing it. Remember to carry bear spray in a holster, never in your backpack. It’s illegal to carry bear spray in your luggage. I recommend donating your spray to a ranger in the park office or the local police station once you are done your trip.


Madison River Fishing-YNP

Rain Gear-I would suggest good weather gear if you plan to spend any time outdoors. Because we fish competitively regularly, we both brought our Columbia rain gear. Rain Jackets in Men’s and Women’s and Rain Pants in Men’s and Women’s. Regardless, always bring a rain jacket that is light on its own but can be layered for warmth on chillier days.

Convertible Hiking PantsWomen’s and Men’s are perfect for all-day hikes zip-off legs allow you to go from pants to shorts almost instantly. Breathable Omni-Wick technology quickly removes moisture from the skin into the fabric where it spreads across the surface. This allows for evaporation—keeping you cool and your clothing dry. These are important when the mornings are cool and the afternoons are rather warm. UPF 50 to help block and shield from UVA and UVB sun rays.

fleece polo

Hooded Fleece: Men’s and Women’s for the cool mornings and evenings. Wearing layers of the fleece is crucial in Alaska. This is my 3rd Columbia fleece jacket. I love it. It’s lightweight and comfortable.

Warm hat–For cool days. We purchased the liners that fit into baseball hats since we can easily remove them for warmer weather. Easily converts any ball cap into a warm, windproof hat.

Thermal Gloves we use these on a few of the colder mornings. They also come in handy for fishing in the lakes and rivers.



Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fog-proof Roof Prism Binocular : A pair of compact binoculars can be a significant addition to any travel pack and can come in handy in a wide variety of environments and situations. You might want a pair of the best compact binoculars when you are out hiking or exploring the great outdoors. Waterproof/Fog-proof are best.

Water bottles thermos

Most RVs in Alaska have room darkening blinds, since the sun never sets in the summer. If you feel the blinds will not be enough, an eye mask may be helpful.

Refillable water bottle–A good rule of thumb is to bring about 3 quarts of water for each adult. Many places have free water refill stations.

Buy packets of nuts, or trail mix for snacking along the trail or during the long drive.